Tom van Teijlingen

Who are you?
Tom van Teijlingen, web designer in my own company TastyMouse.

Where are you from/ where were you born?
Leiderdorp, 100 meters outside Leiden. Now I live in Amsterdam.

What do you make (and how do you make it)?
I design and develop websites. First I discuss with a client what the purpose of the website is and what look it should have. Then I make a proposal for the structure, what to put on it and how to divide it over pages, and a sketch design for the design. If we agree on this, I create a website using Content Management System such as WordPress and translate the design into code.

How did you get on this path / what kind of education do you have?
I did a course ‘multimedia and internet’ after visiting the art academy.

what is your inspiration?
The conversation with the client and the nature of the company/activity.

do you do other paid/unpaid work?
I also make prints of abstract photos on a large format inkjet printer. Philosophy is my main inspiration.

how did you get the gallery zone?
Via Frida van der Poel for whom I made a website earlier. And I knew Zône from the beginning when I was still involved in De Klos.

Do you want to say something else?
I think it’s very good that a collective shop like Zône exists. Bravo!

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