Piet Brummelbos “Illuminated art” in dark times

My name is Piet Holtmaat and I make light objects with a story under the name “Piet Brummelbos illuminated art”. 
After a career in healthcare and business I was able to intensify my passion, creating unique lighting objects.



The basic material of my creations consists of wood that comes from the Twickel estate near Delden and wood that is released during the restoration of old buildings. This in combination with mouth-blown glass and metal. Whether the objects are grouped under applied art, functional art or industrial art is not important. My goal is to create unique light objects from nature that provide “lighting” to all who like it.
All works are “signed” with a metal burr, because “Brummelbos” is the nickname of our family and literally means “blackberry bush”. This also explains my “working name”.

Galerie Zône 
Galerie Zône accidentally crossed my path over a number of years, and I am very grateful to them that I can exhibit there with various light objects.


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