Frans Beelen, jewellery

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Frans Beelen makes striking, playful, colourful jewellery.
Using textiles as a basis, she makes combinations with all kinds of find material such as beads, fur, minerals (polished and rough), shells, etc.

The textile and a good fit give the wearer a feeling of a comfortable garment. Just like a garment, there is an interaction between the piece of jewellery and the person who will wear it. An interplay in which jewellery and person reinforce each other.

Even if they are not worn, her jewellery is complete works of art. This makes her work both ‘applied’ and ‘autonomous’. These are showpieces, from which the meticulous craftsmanship that preceded them, as well as the pleasure with which they were made, can be read. The jewellery – each with its own character are eye-catchers that strike a balance between chic classical and contemporary exoticism. Their graceful shapes are reminiscent of Jugendstil, but also of design from other cultures.

Telefoon: 0623874623