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The option to meet with one of our 11 members separately will continue to exist. Even if you prefer this because of the risk of infection. Do not hesitate and send us an email or contact one of our members.
We take extra hygiene measures and allow a limited number of visitors to the gallery at the same time. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and any waiting time at the door!

Keep an eye on our website and / or facebook page for the latest news / changes and for example our new blog!

Finally, we wish you all health in this special and exciting period and we hope to greet you in the gallery.

Yuriko Miyoshi, March 1 till March 29

Opening Sunday, March 8 at 2:00 PM. Yuriko Miyoshi has a Japanese master’s degree in art (MA). Since 1985 she has started “her travels with her prints”. Yurikos prints are in private collections and public collections, such as those of the British Museum in London. Many prints from the new ‘LAND’ series are based on maps from Japan, the Netherlands and Belgium. Combined with her memories, Yuriko turns it into a new story in her etchings. “You can try to discover where these places are or simply enjoy the unknown cities.”

Because of the Hina-Matsuri festival on March 3 (a Japanese holiday, important for girls), Yuriko Miyoshi will sell some prints and handmade cards with Japanese paper and textiles for the special price of € 33.00 and € 3.30.

Tekeningen Annie Goddijn, LET OP: verplaatst is naar november 2020


Lopen door de Leidse Hortus, de tuinen, soms de kassen. Of zitten op een bank. Er komt altijd iets in beeld dat vraagt om getekend te worden. Zo is in anderhalf jaar, door de seizoenen heen, een serie ontstaan van ongeveer 200 tekeningen,       van 15 x 15 cm, ingelijst 18 x18 cm.
Geschetst in de Hortus, verder uitgewerkt in het atelier. Getoond in Zône in grote en kleine samenstellingen.
Opening zaterdag 4 april om 15:00
De Expositie wordt geopend door Carla Teune, oud hortulana.

Beyond Boundaries Textiles and Surface design May 2 to May 31, 2020


From Wednesday May 13th to Saturday May 16th 2020, STIDOC (Foundation for Textile Information and Documentation Center) is organizing for the 6th time the Textile Festival in Leiden.
The exhibition “Beyond Boundaries” shows work from a number of European members of the Surface Design Association, and is organised around and parallel to the Leiden Textile Festival, taking place in two galleries simultaneously:

Galerie Zone, Leiden – May 2 to May 31, 2020
High Five Art, Baarle Nassau – May 2 to June 21, 2020

 The exhibition in Galerie Zone will be officially opened on Wednesday 13 May at 18.00 hours, by Astrid Bennet, President of the SDA.


Exhibition Marije Mommers

Date: February 1 to February 29
Opening: Sunday 2 February from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

“BIRD FREE” is the title of this exhibition.
Mommers has been occupied with birds lately. In the first instance the bird is only a starting point as a form, later the meaning becomes more important and the bird seems to show more human traits.
The work is template-like and predominantly painted tight. There is no noise in the image.
Mommers investigates how much shape she can omit to make it, in this case, still a bird.
To stimulate the imagination, material is often added again. This creates collage-like work.


Exhibition Vivavilt, 2 to 31 January

Opening 5 January at 14:00


Textiles are very important in an interior. It gives warmth and atmosphere to a room and also has a positive influence on the acoustics and climate. A personal tapestry will give a room a special appearance. Vivavilt is a company that designs wall panels/cloths for business premises and private individuals, according to the wishes of the customer.

I call these tapestries ‘woolscapes’, landscapes made of wool. In my designs I allow the originality of each breed of sheep to be expressed. Each breed has its own specific wool and colour nuances. By seeing them next to each other, you get a beautiful overview of the breeds and the different coats. The coats come from the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.

Wall of Future, new talent in Zône

The hopeful name: Wall of Future is now becoming part of the list of Leiden traditions.
In November, for the third time, Galerie Zône offers a platform to newly graduated talents: shoe designers, ceramists, carpenters and textile artists from various academies. In this special exhibition, they will present their masterpieces. Perhaps the first step towards success. Perhaps visitors to Zône will come across an artist who will have become a big name in a few years’ time!

What can the public expect? Particularly exorbitant, yet wearable shoes from the Dutch Shoe Academy Utrecht. On the wall textile work from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague; furniture from the Wood and Furniture College Amsterdam/Rotterdam and surprising ceramic objects from the Dutch Ceramics Academy Gouda.
Their work fits well in Galerie Zône.
Zône was in the news this year because the Vereniging voor Toegepaste Kunst (Association for Applied Art) – with the support of many! – was able to buy the building on the Nieuwstraat in which she has been located for more than 27 years. The gallery is run by members themselves, experienced artists and self-producing designers of applied arts. They know only too well that ‘real life’ only begins after graduation.
Only craftsmanship – making beautiful, unique, useful things – is not enough. How do you reach your audience? How can you build an existence with it? With the exhibition, Wall of Futere, Zône wants to help you take the first steps.

The third edition of Wall of Future starts on 3 November and is open to the public during the gallery’s opening hours. On 24 November, the exhibition will be festively closed with a finissage. The work of the ceramists can still be seen until 8 December.


Exhibition: Wall of Future
Galerie Zône, Nieuwstraat 17b Leiden
Van 3 november t/m 24 november
Open: woensdag t/m vrijdag 12.00 – 18.00 uur, Zaterdag 10.00 – 17.00 uur, Zondag 13.00- 17.00 uur
Officiële finissage zondag 24 november om 14.00uur

Grafiekkring Leiden – expositie van 5 t/m 30 oktober

In het kader van de landelijke grafiekmanifestatie Grafiek2019 exposeert Grafiekkring Leiden bij ons in de galerie met etsen en aan etsen gerelateerde technieken. Het thema van de expositie is Verandering en Beweging. Door steeds met nieuwe toepassingen van het etsen te experimenteren, inspireren en beïnvloeden de leden van de Grafiekkring elkaar en elkaars werk.

Bert van der Veer – Ineke de Vos – Fridtjoff Gorter – Thea Huiberts – Simone Robbers – Joop Gans – Nathalie Muller – Martin Bergwerff – Gijs Geertzen – Henk Spaaks – Ron Mes

opening zondag 5 oktober van 14.00 – 17.00u

Suus Kooijman exposeert 1 t/m 29 september

opening zondag 8 september om 14.00u

In de maand september exposeert Suus Kooijman bij ons in Galerie Zône met haar werk in ‘encaustic’ oftewel bijenwas met pigment. Haar gelaagde werk, organisch ontstaan, verrast en verwondert.  Bij deze bent u van harte uitgenodigd voor de opening van deze expositie, op zondag 8 september om 14.00u.  Het werk van Suus Kooijman is de gehele maand september bij ons te zien.Welkom!

Nathalie Muller en Grietje van Wijk

opening zondag 11 augustus

Deze maand is er een bijzondere duo-expositie te zien in onze galerie: Nathalie Muller met haar experimentele werk van grafiek gecombineerd met textiel en Grietje van Wijk met haar gevariëerde vilten objecten en sjaals.

De opening is op zondag 11 augustus om 14u. U bent van harte welkom!

Luuk Kolthof exposeert van 3 t/m 31 juli

U bent van harte uitgenodigd voor de nieuwe expositie van Luuk Kolthof in Galerie Zône.
Poëtisch-absurdistische olieverfschilderijen die de kijker graag een vrolijke verwarring bezorgen en/of het onbewuste prikkelen.

Zondag 7 juli is de opening om 14.00u. Van harte welkom!

Auke-Florian Hiemstra exposeert van 5 t/m 30 april

U bent van harte welkom bij de opening van deze expositie op zondag 7 april 2019 van 14.00 – 16.00 uur

Auke-Florian exposeert o.a. nieuw werk, waarin onze Leidse grachten wederom centraal staan..
Over zijn keuze voor de kunst zegt hij:
“Ik heb lang getwijfeld of ik de kunstacademie wilde doen of biologie zou gaan studeren. In een tijd van klimaatverandering, het uitsterven van soorten en het plasticprobleem concludeerde ik dat de wetenschap me nodig had. Meer en meer besef ik nu dat kennis alleen niet genoeg is. Cijfers raken ons namelijk niet zoals kunst dat wel kan”.
Hij fotografeerde de smeltende gletsjers in IJsland, zag het regenwoud verdwijnen in Borneo en ging undercover in de Filipijnse handel in bedreigde diersoorten. Hij was overweldigd door de enorme hoeveelheid oceaanplastic op Curaçao en hij haalde zelf het plastic uit de magen van dood gevonden stromvogels. De impact van de mens is overal, maar zie je zelden.
Niet als het aan Auke-Florian Hiemstra ligt.

Canal cups