Porcelain fairy tales by Victoria Goodwin

Victoria Goodwin is an artist with a distinct passion for ceramics.
She attended art school in London, where clay took hold of her from the beginning. She developed further in design at the Bournemouth Academy of Art.
Her first love turned out to be the love of her life: Ceramics.
This open mind takes much inspiration from architectural shapes and decorations. Her creations are often rooted in the patterns, vaults and domes that she sees in buildings.
Her work is further characterised by a fairy tale, magical quality.
Victoria leaves surprises in her creations. Hidden decorations or different mediums are added to the clay. As a result, her work is fresh and exciting. She invites you to keep your own personal treasures in her jars.
Victoria’s technique is detailed, delicate and refined.
For her, the creative process manifests through her thoughts and feelings into her hands.
She senses very well what she wants to convey. How to achieve this is a matter of intuition, technique, experience and creativity.

Victoria Goodwin puts a uniquely personal feel into each piece. Her primary response is always: “I don’t want to sell any of it!”