Claudia Thunnissen, ceramics

Claudia Thunnissen translates stories into clay, not literally, but as compacted monuments. They are independent forms in which associations and imagination are embedded, so that there is something to experience on multiple levels. Art and cultural history, which she works with every day from her art-historical background and interest, provide a wealth of sources of inspiration, such as the metaphor of the garden, mythological themes and the historical world of clay. She also combines other materials with her ceramics such as loose parts, finds, metal and wood. How to capture something of an atmosphere, a poem, an association, a theme in a piece of ceramics. She tries to do that, often with the help of serial, architectural and organic forms. First there is the concept, then the imagination follows. That is the reason why her work can be very diverse. A boat from which Paradise flows away after the Fall of Man; gold-rimmed potato jewelery, inspired by the shadow of the powerful shoots of a potato; a device to cultivate but also to violate the soil; a Minotaur connected to its labyrinth. Plates with New Nature, dishes inspired by the theater, and bowls and bowls, in which shells, fossils and coral play a prominent role.

Address: Hoofdstraat 220, 2351 AS Leiderdorp

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