Zône from 1990

The association for applied arts: Galerie Zône was founded in 1990 on the basis of an artists’ initiative.

In 1991 she opened her gallery after renovation/restoration of the building at Nieuwstraat 17b in Leiden.

Previously it was a kind of storage/workshop, probably for the benefit of the opposite late medieval Hooglandse Kerk.

The new public function since 1990 is gallery and ceramics workshop, and since the turn of the century the whole is a gallery.

It is an accessible and hospitable gallery with a diverse range of self-producing artists, members and non-members.

We are very attached to the place where we are located from the start, it not only makes us virtually recognizable.

People know where to find us for exhibitions, products, commissions and events in the historic heart of Leiden’s city centre.

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