Yuriko Miyoshi, March 1 till March 29

Opening Sunday, March 8 at 2:00 PM. Yuriko Miyoshi has a Japanese master’s degree in art (MA). Since 1985 she has started “her travels with her prints”. Yurikos prints are in private collections and public collections, such as those of the British Museum in London. Many prints from the new ‘LAND’ series are based on maps from Japan, the Netherlands and Belgium. Combined with her memories, Yuriko turns it into a new story in her etchings. “You can try to discover where these places are or simply enjoy the unknown cities.”

Because of the Hina-Matsuri festival on March 3 (a Japanese holiday, important for girls), Yuriko Miyoshi will sell some prints and handmade cards with Japanese paper and textiles for the special price of € 33.00 and € 3.30.