Yoko Silk, keramiek 4 juni t/m 7 juli

Yoko Silk, born in Tokyo, was trained at Musashino Art university, Bigakko
Print Studio in Tokyo Japan, Pratt Institute in New York, and Western Michigan
University in Kalamazoo, USA. Having studied oil painting, printmaking, and
computer graphics, she began exploring clay 22 years ago and is still
fascinated about what a surface of clay can turn out through firing. Past 12
years particularly, she has been expanding her glaze palette through testing
after testing, while in her creation, she moves freely between sculptural works
and functional ceramics. Her source of inspiration is always in nature, it’s
amazing creativity and harmony.
“I am fascinated by all sorts of life forms in nature, the unbelievable power
of life, which knows when to be born, when to change shape, where to live, what
to eat, when to die. The world is full of creative wonders to celebrate. The
process of my work gives me a thrilling sense of joy connecting to such

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