Wall of Future, new talent in Zône

The hopeful name: Wall of Future is now becoming part of the list of Leiden traditions.
In November, for the third time, Galerie Zône offers a platform to newly graduated talents: shoe designers, ceramists, carpenters and textile artists from various academies. In this special exhibition, they will present their masterpieces. Perhaps the first step towards success. Perhaps visitors to Zône will come across an artist who will have become a big name in a few years’ time!

What can the public expect? Particularly exorbitant, yet wearable shoes from the Dutch Shoe Academy Utrecht. On the wall textile work from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague; furniture from the Wood and Furniture College Amsterdam/Rotterdam and surprising ceramic objects from the Dutch Ceramics Academy Gouda.
Their work fits well in Galerie Zône.
Zône was in the news this year because the Vereniging voor Toegepaste Kunst (Association for Applied Art) – with the support of many! – was able to buy the building on the Nieuwstraat in which she has been located for more than 27 years. The gallery is run by members themselves, experienced artists and self-producing designers of applied arts. They know only too well that ‘real life’ only begins after graduation.
Only craftsmanship – making beautiful, unique, useful things – is not enough. How do you reach your audience? How can you build an existence with it? With the exhibition, Wall of Futere, Zône wants to help you take the first steps.

The third edition of Wall of Future starts on 3 November and is open to the public during the gallery’s opening hours. On 24 November, the exhibition will be festively closed with a finissage. The work of the ceramists can still be seen until 8 December.


Exhibition: Wall of Future
Galerie Zône, Nieuwstraat 17b Leiden
Van 3 november t/m 24 november
Open: woensdag t/m vrijdag 12.00 – 18.00 uur, Zaterdag 10.00 – 17.00 uur, Zondag 13.00- 17.00 uur
Officiële finissage zondag 24 november om 14.00uur

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