Exposition Jessica van den Heuvel 1 Juli until 31 Juli

opening Sunday July 5

During her graduation from the Design Academy, Jessica van den Heuvel looked for material for connecting chairs that symbolized people and ended up at ribbon. The test model turned out not to be suitable as a seat, but on the wall it was a beautiful work of art and the ribbon turned out to be a surprising material. After graduation, Jessica started a design agency called “instincts” where she designs and makes furniture in-house, as well as utensils such as lamps, cushions and dishes. She mainly works with natural materials in a traditional way. However, the ribbon artwork did not let her go and she decided to continue with this as well, and four collections have now been created that are regularly replenished. Different aspects always play a role in the Connection Collection, Drop Collection, Nature Collection and Illussion Collection, such as connection, spaciousness, use of color, interplay of lines, dynamics and light.