Exhibition Vivavilt, 2 to 31 January

Opening 5 January at 14:00


Textiles are very important in an interior. It gives warmth and atmosphere to a room and also has a positive influence on the acoustics and climate. A personal tapestry will give a room a special appearance. Vivavilt is a company that designs wall panels/cloths for business premises and private individuals, according to the wishes of the customer.

I call these tapestries ‘woolscapes’, landscapes made of wool. In my designs I allow the originality of each breed of sheep to be expressed. Each breed has its own specific wool and colour nuances. By seeing them next to each other, you get a beautiful overview of the breeds and the different coats. The coats come from the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.

Felting as well as dyeing with plants is a slow but special process. After the staining process, the different types of wool and silk are slowly heated with the dyes in a large pan. After cooling overnight, the materials can be dried and are ready to be used in felting. Felt is made by laying out wool, wetting it with soap and water and then rolling it up until the work is firm and ‘felted through’.

All tapestries are made by hand, olive soap and rainwater.


Margot van Leeuwen