Angelo Evelyn: “Vlaamse Landschapen en andere thema’s”

Exhibition to see from 1 December to 31 December 2019
Opening: Sunday 1 Dec. from 14-16 hrs.
Finissage: Sunday 29 Dec. from 14-16 hrs.

Angelo Evelyn’s artistic career began in 1970 as a self-taught artist in Montreal. From 1979 he studied graphics and painting at the Kunsthogeschool in Bremen and London. From 1983 he worked as a professional artist in Paris, Aachen, Quebéc and Scandinavia. He was also a guest lecturer in lithography at the Art Academy in Trondheim, Strasbourg and at various open studios in Canada and Western Europe.
“For a long time I wanted to make an exhibition with landscapes as the main theme”. The work in this exhibition was made between 2016 and 2018. They are based on the topography of the countryside in eastern Belgium. The work follows the meandering river Demer, which flows from its source at Tongeren on the Dutch border to Hasselt and Aarschot. As you can see, I have added forms and images (per montage) in the “traditional” landscapes, which give the work a playful, surrealistic undertone”.

The opening hours in the exhibition space are:
woe until free 12.00 -18.00 hours,
sat 10:00 -17:00,
sun 13.00 -17.00 hours
The gallery is closed on 25/26 Dec.

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