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Causerie Paul Groenendaal zondag 10 september 15:00

Op zondag 10 september houdt graficus en dichter Paul Groenendaal in Galerie Zône een causerie in verband met Leo van Zanen zijn ‘letterbeeldingen’ en verzorgt de dichter zelf een muzikaal optreden samen met Willem Vermaase. Welkom! 

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Ria van Krieken – “Its all in the box” / foldings

For the past few years, Ria van Krieken has been mainly concerned with folding. Composite objects, created from a square. Sometimes with a foray into a rectangle. Folded in such a way as to create an interesting shape that can be switched. On average, an object consists of about four…

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Leo van Zanen – “ZO” – Letteringimages

Poet Leo van Zanen is exhibiting some of his letter images under the title ‘ZO’. The term ‘letter pictures’ is a reference to what I.K. Bonset (poetic pseudonym of Leiden artist Theo van Doesburg) called ‘word pictures (cubist and ekspressionist verses)’.

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Daria Lysenko – “Voorgevoel”

During the month of September 2023, Daria Lysenko is exhibiting at Gallery Zône. She hails from Ukraine. Daria is a graphic artist and art historian. She has published poems and illustrated several books. Before the Russian invasion on 24 February 2022, she worked at the National Art Museum in Kyiv….

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