Galerie Zône is dicht, maar wijzelf blijven open!

Galerie Zône is dicht, maar wijzelf blijven open en bereikbaar.
Voor al uw vragen, overleg en opdrachten of wilt u iets moois van ons kopen,
aarzel dan niet om contact op te nemen.
U kunt ons emailen op:
Of u kunt de afzonderlijke leden contacteren.
Via deze website zijn al onze contactgegevens te vinden.
20 januari zijn we hopelijk weer open.
Voor nu, prettige dagen en een goed oud en nieuw.
Blijf gezond! En houd vol.
Frida, Dorothy, Frans, Rina, Mark, Claudia, Marlies, Anna,
Pauline, Carla en Janna

November and December: ceramics fired with special techniques

The work of Anke Derwert consists of thrown shapes, with the primitive firing technique as added
art form.
This firing form includes Raku / naked-raku / copper mat and pit-fire.
The elements of air, fire and water play the leading role in this.
The balence between oxidizing and reducing firing is of crucial importance for the end product.
The raku firing technique gives the characteristic crackle, the light of the flames is the result
of the copper mat firing.
Pit-fire, this is the technique in which the pieces are fired in a field kiln, where the result is
unpredictable, depending on the salts used.

Porcelain fairy tales by Victoria Goodwin

Victoria Goodwin is an artist with a distinct passion for ceramics.
She attended art school in London, where clay took hold of her from the beginning. She developed further in design at the Bournemouth Academy of Art.
Her first love turned out to be the love of her life: Ceramics.
This open mind takes much inspiration from architectural shapes and decorations. Her creations are often rooted in the patterns, vaults and domes that she sees in buildings.
Her work is further characterised by a fairy tale, magical quality.
Victoria leaves surprises in her creations. Hidden decorations or different mediums are added to the clay. As a result, her work is fresh and exciting. She invites you to keep your own personal treasures in her jars.
Victoria’s technique is detailed, delicate and refined.
For her, the creative process manifests through her thoughts and feelings into her hands.
She senses very well what she wants to convey. How to achieve this is a matter of intuition, technique, experience and creativity.

Victoria Goodwin puts a uniquely personal feel into each piece. Her primary response is always: “I don’t want to sell any of it!”

We are open again!

You are most welcome at:
Thursdays from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Fridays from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Saturdays 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sundays 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

The option to meet with one of our 11 members separately will continue to exist. Even if you prefer this because of the risk of infection. Do not hesitate and send us an email or contact one of our members.
We take extra hygiene measures and allow a limited number of visitors to the gallery at the same time. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and any waiting time at the door!

Keep an eye on our website and / or facebook page for the latest news / changes and for example our new blog!

Finally, we wish you all health in this special and exciting period and we hope to greet you in the gallery.

New layout

This month, too, the store has been redesigned with new items as always. Come and visit us!

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Ontmoet de Maker/ Meet the Maker

zondag 15 december van 14:00 – 18:00 in het kader van Dutch Design Month

Zondag de 15de biedt Galerie Zône, Vereniging voor Toegepaste Kunst, een inkijk in de keuken van onze zelfproducerende ontwerpers. Met lezing, expositie en handen uit de mouwen.

Dutch Design Month

De vereniging wordt eigenaar……

indelijk was het zover. Het tekenen van het koopcontract door de Vereniging Galerie Zône. Een nieuwe stap de toekomst in, Mede mogelijk gemaakt door uw donatie. Dank daarvoor!
We hopen u als donateur te kunnen ontmoeten in de galerie. U bent van harte welkom om de tegenprestatie die bij uw donatie hoort te komen ophalen. Al deze items liggen klaar in de galerie. Ook de pakketjes ansichtkaarten die horen bij donaties van €35,-
Mocht u niet in de gelegenheid zijn om de ansichtkaarten op te halen, dan sturen wij deze begin juni op.
Heeft u als tegenprestatie een driepoot kruk van Frida gekozen, dan ontvangt u persoonlijk bericht wanneer deze klaar zijn.
De Feestelijke borrel: “Zône heeft de ruimte”, is op zaterdag 31 augustus, vanaf 16:00.
U bent hiervoor van harte uitgenodigd. Ook kunt u een introduce meenemen.
Hartelijke groet,
Frida, Dorothy, Frans, Rina, Anna, Carla, Marlies, Claudia, Janna, Jan en Pauline.

Our crowdfunding action was successful!

Not only do we now have the money to buy the Galerie Zône premises, the whole process has shown how well we work together as a team, and given us lots of positive plans for the near future.
So many people have expressed their interest and support, and if we haven’t met you already we hope to do so SOON, in our gallery.
You are welcome to come and choose your ‘gifts’, but if that is not possible we will arrange to get them to you.
As soon as possible we will send out the invitations for our celebratory get-together!
Meanwhile we want to thank everyone for your donations and support. Together we have made something wonderful happen!
With best wishes from Frida, Dorothy, Frans, Rina, Anna, Carla, Marlies, Claudia, Janna, Jan en Pauline.